The ability to change the color of the glass
Provides a design freedom never imagined
From blue to green, black to red, or any other color you can think of
But always transparent: not opaque, no haze.
Join the journey of the 21st century
Control light, control energy, enhance the mood of customers


Change the color and transparency of the glass surrounding you at the switch of a button. Enjoy the view or protect from sunlight.

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Change the appearance of your building, interior and exterior. Adapt your wearables to reflect your mood.

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Controlling the amount of energy that comes into a building or vehicle, means controlling the amount of energy you need to cool or heat the same object. Cut down on airconditioning, by controlling the light intensity.

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Color CNTRL – Smart Glass

At the Color CNTRL company, we are fascinated by the benefits that light provides to all living species. Where light shines, an environment of well-being is created for plants, animals and human beings.

Where light reflects, it creates the opportunity to see. Light whether it shines or reflects, needs to be optimized in order to provide the best light for its recipients.

Light that is too bright should be tempered, light that is too gloomy should be rendered brighter. At Color CNTRL, we have developed a unique technology to enhance the power of light so that an optimal light environment and the optimal view can be achieved.

Whether inside your vehicle, house or commercial building, our smart glass products can help you to control the intensity of light and the color of light. Any color, every color, under all circumstances.