Transparent Smart Glass

Smart glass, also called switchable glass or dynamic glass, is a type of glass with which you can control the light intensity inside a building or vehicle. With Color CNTRL technology, we can not only change the light intensity, but also the bandwidth of absorbed light: we can change the color. In any color, in every color: what you chose, whatever lifts your spirits.

In any case, our smart glass always remains transparent; no haze and no blurred images.

This creates an environment which is soothing and more productive, thanks to the optimum light climate. Privacy is available with the flick of a button. When a view is required, you can bring back the view as requested. 

For roofs, ceilings, and high-level outside windows, Oasis Smart Glass provides infinite light color choices throughout the day using our light intensity optimization program.

Daylight starts with soft red tones in the morning. Oasis Smart Glass may open itself totally to let the first rays in in their full splendor. Then, our daylight changes to soft yet bright, blue tones by mid-morning. Oasis Smart Glass allows beautiful, natural and pleasing light inside without altering its color.

By mid-day natural light shines in excess and is intensely white. Oasis Smart Glass is capable of adjusting the light intensity from 80,000 lux to a comfortable 10,000 lux. By mid-afternoon daylight releases soft yellow. Oasis Smart Glass lets it in at the same comfortable max 10,000 lux as it can precisely adjust the intensity of the incoming light.

In the late afternoon, natural light turns to leafy green. Oasis Smart Glass lets it all in, even at the end of the day when Oasis Smart Glass is fully open again, the daylight still shines inside.

By means of controlling the light, we can also control the amount of energy coming in through the visible part of the light spectrum.